PM addresses unorganized sector workers at 20 locations across Gujarat through video-conferencing

Press Release ID: 114105
Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2014
Ministry: Prime Minister's Office

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi today addressed unorganized sector workers at 20 locations across Gujarat through video-conferencing. The Prime Minister was in Varanasi at the time of this video-conference, which was conducted as part of the "Shramyogi Kalyan Mela" of the Government of Gujarat.

As part of the activities for Good Governance Day, the Gujarat Government launched several welfare schemes for unorganized sector workers. These schemes draw inspiration from the "Shramev Jayate" vision of the Union Government. Among the initiatives is "U-WIN" - Unorganized Sector Identification Number, which will enable unorganized sector workers to avail of the benefits of several Government schemes.

The Prime Minister congratulated the Gujarat Government for these initiatives, and said other states could also emulate them. He also congratulated the state Government for launching Rural Labour Commissionerates and Rural Labour Welfare Boards.

The Prime Minister also praised the unorganized sector workers of the state, and said that the state had zero-mandays loss, as all stakeholders had followed the Gandhian spirit of working as a family. He said this was one of the reasons that the state was receiving large amounts of foreign investment.



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