English rendering of PM's response to questions during Joint Press Interaction with President of United States of America

Press Release ID: 114948
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2015
Ministry: Prime Minister's Office

Reply to question on Climate Change:

India is a sovereign country. No pressure from any country or any person has any effect on it. But there is pressure. Pressure about what kind of earth we shall leave for our future generations. Climate Change itself is a very big pressure. Global Warming itself is a very big pressure. And whoever worries about the future generations, has a responsibility to be conscious about Climate Change; adopt practices and policies which will ensure a good life and good environment for future generations. I believe this pressure should be on every Government, every person. We understand and respond to the same pressure.

Reply to question on personal friendship with US President Barack Obama:

As far as our conversation is concerned, let it remain concealed. Why do we meet often in this fashion. This is a significant question. I am new to this field. But on the basis of my limited experience, I can say that the relationship between two countries depends less on commas and full-stops on paper. How much openness is there between leaders, how many opportunities do they have to get to know each other, how does the chemistry match, this is very important. When we interact away from cameras, we get to know each other intimately. I and Barack share that friendship. That openness helps us talk easily on phone, chat comfortably, and even talk in a lighter vein. This chemistry has brought Barack and me closer, Washington and Delhi closer, and the people of America and India closer. This is personal chemistry. I think this matters a lot. This should grow. It grows on occasions like this.

*** DS/AK

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