Action Taken on The Report of Amitabh Kundu Committee

Press Release ID: 116357
Date: Tue, 03 Mar 2015
Ministry: Ministry of Minority Affairs



            The Ministry of Minority Affairs constituted a Committee on 05.08.2013 under the Chairmanship of Professor Amitabh Kundu of Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi primarily to evaluate the process of implementation of decisions taken by Government of India on the recommendations of Sachar Committee and to assess the efficacy of the Prime Minister’s New 15 Point Programme, and to recommend interventions and corrective measures in policies and programmes. The Committee has since submitted its Report on 09.10.2014.

The Report was examined in this Ministry. In the meeting held on 23.01.2015, the recommendations of the Committee were discussed in detail and it was decided that the views of the concerned Ministries/ Departments should be obtained. Accordingly, the recommendations have been sent to all the concerned Ministries/ Departments and NITI Aayog. Their response is awaited.

            The Amitabh Kundu Committee has observed that available financial resources and physical targets have been meagre in relation to the deprivation of the minorities, especially Muslims, and for some of the schemes this meagre amount has not been fully utilised and this requires that allocation of resources to the Ministry of Minority Affairs be increased. With regard to the schemes of the Ministry of Minority Affairs, the Committee has recommended, inter alia, that there is a need to make the number of scholarships demand-driven, allocation under Multi-sectoral Development Programme (MsDP) need to be increased and allocation for Leadership Development Scheme for Minority Women needs to be substantially enhanced.


The budgetary allocation of Ministry of Minority Affairs has been increased from Rs.7,000 crore in the 11th Five Year Plan to Rs. 17,323 crore in the 12th Five Year Plan. The allocation and expenditure during the 12th Plan on the major schemes of the Ministry are as under:


(Rs. in crore)

Year-wise allocation and expenditure during 12th Plan
  Scholarship/ Fellowship schemes Jan Vikas Karyakaram (Multi-sectoral Development Programme) Nai Roshni – Leadership Development for Minority Women Total Plan Expenditure/ outlay
  R.E. Actual Exp. R.E. Actual Exp. R.E. Actual Exp. R.E. Actual Exp.
2012-13 1386.60 1359.76 649.56 641.26 12.80 10.45 2200.00 2158.00
2013-14 1843.54 1788.59 958.53 953.48 14.74 11.95 3111.00 3007.49
2014-15 (provisional upto 31.01.2015 2079.50 1747.76 770.94 754.93 14.00 12.19 3140.00 2722.67

R.E. – Revised Estimates


            The Budget Estimates of the plan schemes of the Ministry of Minority Affairs for the current year 2014-15 was Rs.3711 crore. Ministry of Finance, after reviewing the expenditure upto September, 2014 of this Ministry in the pre-budget meeting, revised the allocation to Rs.3140 crores in the Revised Estimates. Since there was no cut imposed on the Scholarship schemes, the allocation of other schemes have been reduced accordingly. The actual expenditure incurred till 31.01.2015 is Rs.2722.67 crores (provisional), which is 87% of the Revised Estimates.

This Information was given by the Minister of Minority Affairs, Dr. Najma Heptulla in Rajya Sabha today.




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